Sorry, but that’s not an albino pheasant | Brief letters

Sorry, but that’s not an albino pheasant | Brief letters

I understand that a statue to honour NHS staff who have died in the pandemic is in prospect. If so, I trust that, in the interests of historical accuracy, the sculptor will be paid the minimum wage, will be cheered when denied a pay rise in the process, and will be unable to get an apron and goggles while chipping away.
Keith Mitchell

o When Rishi Sunak launched the flexible furlough scheme (Rishi Sunak confirms furlough scheme to be gradually withdrawn, 29 May), did he realise how appropriate the initials were?
Ray Parker
Nailsworth, Gloucestershire

o Your numerous letters (30 May) on white pheasants refer to them as “albinos”. While albino pheasants are known, they are much rarer than the also white “leucistic” variety. Both conditions are caused by a genetic abnormality. The difference can be determined by observing the colour of the eyes – leucistic birds have normal (black), while albinos have pink eyes. The bird in the photograph appears to be leucistic.
Marc Smith-Evans
Bagabag, Nueva Vizcaya, Philippines

o I wonder if the albino stag I spotted at dawn dancing through an asparagus field near Lewes knocks white pheasants into a cocked hat?
Sam White
Lewes, East Sussex

o I’m sure I have just seen an albino pheasant in my garden wearing tights. Maybe I need an eyesight test. Any suggestions?
Mary Foley
Wandsworth, London

o I noticed that the three given letters in Saturday’s Codeword were D, I and M. Can we expect D, O and M next?
Mike Jones
Pinhoe, Devon

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