Swampy is back, in the protest tunnels under Euston

Swampy is back, in the protest tunnels under Euston

Exclusive: famous Newbury activist is part of the HS2 demonstration, which he views as a potential ‘tipping point’

The environmental activist Dan Hooper, known as Swampy, has said he believes the tunnel protest under way outside Euston station in central London could be “the tipping point” in the climate emergency battle, in an exclusive interview with the Guardian.

Hooper is one of a group of activists who have dug and inhabited a network of tunnels outside the station in one of the busiest parts of the capital. They are protesting against the building of the controversial high-speed rail link, HS2, which they say will destroy swathes of ancient woodland and vital flora and fauna. An eviction team is trying to remove the protesters from the tunnel network.

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