Arctic air sweeps across Europe, bringing record low temperatures

Arctic air sweeps across Europe, bringing record low temperatures

Bitterly cold Arctic air swept southwards last week to affect large parts of Europe. While cold weather is not unusual in April, this spell brought significant snowfall and record low temperatures to parts of the continent. Slovenia had its coldest night for April, with -20.6C recorded at Novi Vasi na Blokah, beating the previous record set in 1956. The low temperatures also had a considerable impact on vineyard and orchard owners in France and Italy, who have been taking measures to protect their crops. Anti-frost candles were deployed, with fruit trees artificially covered in ice to protect the blossoms from frost.

Alaska has also been experiencing unusually cold and snowy weather, with blizzards and extremely low overnight minimums. Numerous records were broken, with -43C recorded in the North Slope region 8 April.

Meanwhile, Tropical Cyclone Seroja brought destructive winds and heavy rainfall to southern and eastern parts of Western Australia on Sunday as it made landfall as a category three system. The storm had earlier merged with Tropical Cyclone Odette in the rare process known as the Fujiwhara effect. The systems combined, with Seroja absorbing Odette’s weaker circulation. Residents in the worst affected areas were told to take shelter and prepare for intense rainfall, flash flooding and dangerous surf.

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