How to fill out slug-munched beds | Alys Fowler

How to fill out slug-munched beds | Alys Fowler

There are two solutions. Either have standby plug plants, or sow something that will quickly fill the space

It was going so well, all your babies standing tall and fine, and then munch, munch, chomp, chomp – they arrived. The cold, dry early spring meant that, for a while, it looked as if slugs and snails had all but upped and gone. They had not. In fact, they are very adept at hunkering down and holding out until the rain appears again. And appear it did.

I bet you have some holes in your vegetable patch as a result of their hunger. Or perhaps your overwinter onions didn’t do so well, or the carrot germination was patchy and there are gaps there, too. Inevitably at this time of year there are unwanted spaces, usually in the middle of a row or patch. To leave these bare is to invite in weeds and waste valuable growing space.

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