The many joys of meadow rue | Alys Fowler

The many joys of meadow rue | Alys Fowler

I love this architectural beauty for its fabulous foliage and soft flowers

I cannot leave my mother’s house without a car full of things: half the contents of her freezer, a vase or a “good” terracotta pot, and always something dug up from the garden. I don’t get a say in these gifts, they are part of the visit.

This is how I come to own Thalictrum delavayi var decorum. In my mother’s garden it grows right where you park up, so it was inevitable, I suppose, that it would end up in the car at some point. It now weaves itself effortlessly beneath the quince tree. In early summer, it unfurls its delicate foliage just as spring things are tiring.

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