Bp pulse pledge to charge up its customer experience

Bp pulse pledge to charge up its customer experience

Bp pulse pledge to charge up its customer experience

… while Citroen goes the extra mile to keep a customer

Have a new Renault Zoe electric car ... but getting a charging point installed at home was the problem.

Miles Brignall
Tue 17 Aug 2021 02.00 EDT

In June, I featured the case of WK from North Yorkshire, who had been waiting for more than two months for bp pulse to come and install a charging point at her home to enable her to start using her new Renault Zoe electric car. The charger’s installation had been part of the car’s purchase price.

I got the matter resolved, and noted at the time that this was the first complaint we had received about the firm, previously called Chargemaster before its BP takeover.

However, a number of readers have since contacted us to complain that they, too, had suffered poor service from this company. Some reported long delays in answering queries or having chargers installed. One reader said they had been waiting more than seven months. Several pointed us to the Trustpilot reviews page, which should make for less than pleasant reading at bp pulse’s Milton Keynes HQ.

This week – after a delay – the company told me that it acknowledges it must do better, and that it is already putting measures in place to improve its customer experience. It has doubled the size of its call centre, is upgrading its technology, and is working to improve the speed of the installation process, it says.

Meanwhile, NH from Aboyne in Aberdeenshire, Scotland, has contacted us with a tale of a car manufacturer really going the extra mile.

“My Citroen was due a service necessary to maintain its warranty. Unfortunately there is no longer a Citroen agent in Aberdeen, my nearest town. I contacted Citroen and they collected the car from my house, took it to the Citroen agent in Perth and then returned it to me – a 180-mile round trip. All I had to pay for was the service,” he writes.


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