Let the grass and lady’s tresses grow | Brief letters

Let the grass and lady’s tresses grow | Brief letters

Let the grass and lady’s tresses grow

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Autumn lady's tresses orchids.


Last modified on Thu 9 Sep 2021 11.50 EDT

Re cutting the grass (Country diary, 8 September), we shall not be mowing our lawns, front, back and verge, until the end of October. By then, hundreds of lady’s tresses, the autumn orchid, will have dropped their seeds. Sadly, as we are both 81, we are acting for the future, as orchids take a minimum of seven years to put in an appearance.
Brenda Beamond
Everton, Hampshire

Would sports writers refer to the success of a young, male tennis player as “a fairytale” (Report, 8 September)? Having watched Emma Raducanu outwit and out-hit Belinda Bencic, I would argue that there is nothing make-believe about it.
Sue Western

Re Adrian Chiles and the “fabulous fungus” (In search of a marvellous meat-free treat? I have found the perfect fungus, 9 September), I will never forget the occasion, now 48 years ago, when my last words to my husband as I left for work were “don’t eat the blue ones”. He was about to go foraging for mushrooms with the local enthusiast. Needless to say, I arrived home that evening to find him doubled up in pain.
Dorothy Rank
Birkenshaw, West Yorkshire

If there were no daddy longlegs in Redcar last week (Letters, 6 September), perhaps they had all legged it to a climate change convention in Orkney. There are lots here in St Margaret’s Hope where I am staying.
Enid Hennessy

One of my local pubs is already advertising its two-course festive menu for GBP9.99 (Letters, 8 September).
Michael Cunningham

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