From feral pigs to windfarms: how good is your green knowledge? – quiz

From feral pigs to windfarms: how good is your green knowledge? – quiz

From feral pigs to windfarms: how good is your green knowledge? – quiz

Cop26 is about to get under way but are you ready? Take our bumper quiz to find out if you’re a climate hero or net zero when it comes to the big issues

ADVANCE FOR USE TUESDAY, DEC. 3, 2019 AND THEREAFTER- In this Friday, Oct. 25, 2019 photo, feral pigs roam near LaBelle, Fla. The state is second only to Texas in the number of non-native wild pigs living in the state. (AP Photo/Robert F. Bukaty)

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1.When was atmospheric CO2 last this high?
2.In which decade did the first electric cab arrive in London?

3.Which actor urged collective action on the climate crisis in their 2016 Oscar acceptance speech? And which film was the award for?

4.The Great Barrier Reef has experienced five mass bleaching events. What percentage of its 3,000 individual reefs were severely bleached in the most recent, in 2020?

5.At this time of year, polar bears on the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard are waiting for the sea ice to refreeze so they can hunt. Under worst case scenarios, by how much are average temperatures expected to rise by 2100?


6.What absorbs the majority of Earth’s excess heat?

7.Which country recorded the most deforestation in 2020?

8.Up to 1 million species are threatened with extinction, scientists estimate. But how many animal and plant species (including insects) are estimated to live on the planet?

9.In September, the base of the world’s biggest tree, General Sherman in Sequoia national park, was wrapped in a fire blanket to protect it from intense heat during the latest California wildfires. What did the tree used to be called?

10.What proportion of the Earth’s atmosphere is composed of carbon dioxide?


11.What was the key goal of the 2015 Paris climate agreement?

12.This week, Tesla became a $1tn company after it received a major order. Who made the purchase and what did they buy?

13.Feral pigs are one of the most damaging invasive species, partly because of the way they uproot soil. What is their climate impact equivalent to?

14.Once emitted, how long does CO2 remain in the atmosphere?

15.Which of these countries has ratified the Paris agreement?


16.At the beginning of October, the largest undersea power cable in the world began bringing energy to the UK from Norway. But which undersea creature is reportedly mesmerised by the cables?

17.Which UK TV presenter has vowed to continue their activism after their house was targeted by arsonists, causing thousands of pounds’ worth of damage?

18.What is the world’s second largest rainforest?

19.Which country won an Earthshot prize this month for its efforts to protect its forests and ecosystems?

20.Which of these birds is most threatened in Europe?


21.The offspring of which megafauna formerly owned by a drug lord have been recognised as people by a US court?

22.The highest temperature in European history is believed to have been set in August this year. What was it and where was it set?

23.Which of these does the UK government want people to install in their home to help cut carbon emissions?

24.Where is the world’s biggest offshore wind farm?

25.Why do many female elephants in Gorongosa national park, Mozambique, no longer have tusks?

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